With its highly skilled team of associates, Bergen & Kuzey Partners helps companies, exporters/producers, importers and industry associations achieve their objectives with regard to international trade and national-level trade regulatory proceedings.

We scrutinise every case in detail with a highly skilled team dedicated to each client to determine the best strategy for the most effective market access.

Having considerable knowledge and understanding of market access dynamics, financial and cost accounting and economic analysis, Bergen is dedicated to assist companies, exporters/producers, importers, industry associations and other stakeholders achieve their objectives with regard to international trade initiatives and national-level trade regulatory proceedings.

Unparalleled experience

Our consultants provide access to broadest, deepest, and front-line local expertise. Drawing upon research and solutions, our team of top talent consultants support you at every stage and kind of trade remedy processes. We make sure that you get all the market access support by tracking competitive dynamics, regulatory changes, and advancements in the market. Our rigorous team are always on hand to reassure the most favorable outcome for our clients.

You ask for help to overcome the toughest obstacles in your global expansion. We respond with a range of problem-solving approaches drawn on our intellectual capacity and regulatory expertise. Our deep understanding of unique local challenges facing the companies stems from our strong and sound local presence.

Business focus

With years of industrial experience, our regulatory service is built on business acumen. The complexity of managing pressures from multiple regulatory bodies, while keeping track of modern competitive landscape, requires a broad understanding of business domains. Narrow perspectives focused only on avoiding protectionist measures may result in diminished return on investments. Thus, we keep our consultancy service at the broadest possible level, in whatever capacity we can be most useful, for enduring results supporting the long-term strategies of companies.

Tailor made – client centric perspective

For every engagement, we analyse the global and local industry with a particular focus on the core competencies of the company. Our client specific strategy is built upon this comprehensive analysis. By mobilising case specific resources, we keep our focus on short term and long term requirements of our clients.  

The main and primary objective of Bergen is to help clients overcome commercial obstacles related to market access and import and export-related difficulties that result from government intervention and market regulations worldwide.

Comprehensive, end-to-end perspective (Three pillar methodology)

We go beyond traditional trade remedies consulting service. Our end-to-end approach on trade remedies consulting perspective allows us to tackle the underlying political and diplomatic motives of each case we work on. This enables us to transform the traditional protectionist defence mechanisms into policies that yields to interests of our clients. A comprehensive set of levers expands upon a well grounded technical analysis and supported by regulatory and political assessments. Breaking down the silos of each protectionist arguments reveals a clear road-map to strengthen the arguments that we use to defend our clients. We approach every case through the lens of technical, diplomatic and regulatory means. Our proven three-pillar methodology produce the best outcomes for our clients as well as build and support the reputation of our clients in target market.